Thursday, September 11, 2008

Upcoming "Sorcerer's Stone 10th Anniversary" Week

Good news for all of us who still love to talk Harry Potter (you know who you are!). Travis Prinzi and his crew over at the are hosting a special Sorcerer's Stone 10th Anniversary Week September 23-30. The 10th anniversary edition will be out by then, and they plan plenty of opportunities for folks to read and discuss the book. It should be a wonderful (nostalgic, insightful) conversation!


Erin said...

It's funny, I was just going to e-mail you and ask if you'd seen the new cover yet. We have a display of them at the bookstore. I really like it; it has him standing in front of the Mirror of Erised, and his reflection is there really clearly, while his parents are a little dimmer. Anyway, it's a really nice picture, and an acknowledgment of the fact that Harry Potter is so much about family, and that Harry's happiness is much more tied to relationships than to achievement, such as shown on the original cover shot with him playing Quidditch. Of course, in light of Deathly Hallows, the two covers correlate nicely, since it's the snitch that holds the key to his ghostly encounter with his parents in the last book...

Beth said...

Ooh, Erin, nicely said. I've only seen the cover in pictures, not close-up. I'm longing to get a copy of the book, of course, but my book-buying budget non-existent? :-) For at least the next few months. I actually threw out a caption in the contest over at the Hogshead (the winner gets a copy) but I've already seen much better entries than mine, so I will just have to put this on the Christmas list. :-)

But I love your point about this cover's "aptness" -- both in light of knowing the whole series, and in connection to the original cover. I think I read somewhere that Mary Grandpre was really glad to have a chance to re-do the art for this edition, both because she felt she knew Harry and his story so much better now, and because when she first did the illustration for the original book, she had no idea (of course) that it would become such a major phenomenon. I'm sure a working artist like herself must have felt like she's grown and changed a lot in the past ten years.

Hmm. Maybe we should do some posts over at Re-Reading Harry again this fall too?! ;-)