Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Music Review (from the Epi Archives): John Michael Talbot's "The Birth of Jesus"

Some fellow reviewers at Epinions have been posting their lists of favorite Christmas songs. I haven't had time to join in the write-off yet, but I've found myself contemplating some of my favorites...and of course, at this time of year, I'm doing a lot of listening to Christmas music!

Scrolling through some of my old music reviews at Epinions, I found this review I posted in 2005 of John Michael Talbot's "The Birth of Jesus."

Whether you're familiar with Talbot's wonderful work or not, this is truly a special recording. As I wrote in the review: "He knows how to arrange music so that the essence of the song shines through. The sensibility I get from this album is of dark bare limbs of gnarled and ancient trees illuminated by bright, contemporary street lights on a snow-hushed winter street."

Yes. Reading this review over today, I found myself wanting to share about this music again. This is a recording I have loved so deeply over the years, one that has moved me time and again to worshipful prayer and praise during the Advent and Christmas seasons.


Erin said...

Definitely sounds like one to check out. I saw him and Michael Card on their Brother to Brother tour and got their album, but I haven't heard any of his solo work. Bet this would be a good place to start!

Beth said...

I didn't know you saw that tour! I would have loved that - it's a great album (I wish they had done another). I've never had an opportunity to see Talbot in concert, though I've loved his work for years. I've seen Michael Card in concert several times, and also attended a workshop he did at our seminary about a decade or so ago.

It would be hard for me to choose one favorite Christmas recording, but if push came to shove, this might be it. :)