Monday, January 03, 2011

2011: The Year of the Lop-Eared Bunny

Happy New Year!

Chinese culture often celebrates with a "year of the..." (dragon, monkey, etc.) In our family, I've begun to realize, we celebrate with the "year of..." whatever animal graces our kitchen calendar. It's been tradition since the sweet girl was about three that she gets to pick the calendar for the kitchen, and creature of habit that she is, she always chooses a different animal. We've had the year of the owl, the year of the chocolate lab, the year of the dachshund, and the year of the butterfly (those are the ones I remember...I think we might have had cats in there somewhere too).

So yesterday after a beautiful lessons & carols service at church, we headed out to lunch and then went calendar shopping. And I'm here to announce, it's the year of the lop-eared bunny!

Not so surprising, given the sweet girl's continued fascination with rabbits -- and given the fact that she got to meet "a real, live rabbit!" at the annual new year's party given by our friends the Jernigans. Their son, just one week older than our daughter, now owns two rabbits. She was in raptures of joy because she got to pet one.

Whatever your new year's celebrations look like, I hope 2011 has gotten off to a healthy, joyous beginning.


Erin said...

Awww, adorable! I love lops! Also sounds like a good excuse to pull out Beatrix Potter and some of the other grand rabbit-related stories out there! :)

As for me, with Squirrel Appreciation Day coming up, I've got bushy tails on the brain and a stack of squirrel books on hold at the library...

Beth said...

Hee! I'd forgotten Squirrel Appreciation Day...silly me. :)

We're definitely in rabbit mode around here lately! Good thing there are so many wonderful rabbit books out there.

Free Range Anglican said...

Oh, 4H bunny club is definitely in her future... you don't have to own one, you just have to like 'em. If she wants to come along on the next bunny therapy with 4H there's room in my car. Its a good way to do a good deed and be completely surrounded with friendly bunnies.

It is the year of the Rabbit in Asia this year, so I guess its fitting. Glad she enjoyed Nebula.... she can meet Eclipse under more one-on-one circumstances.

Beth said...

Is it really the year of the Rabbit? I haven't kept up. :)

Bunny Club sounds delightful! We may have to take you up on that!