Wednesday, May 04, 2011

May the fourth be with you...

Yes, it's Star Wars day! It's also the 50th birthday of my beloved husband. And what's a literary, story-loving woman like myself want to say in honor of that wonderful event?

Let's try this.

Happy Birthday to the man who is my...

Luke Skywalker (okay, with some moments of Han Solo)
Professor Bhaer
Mr. Darcy
Lord Peter
Adam Eddington
Joe Willard
Mr. Knightley
Lee Stetson
Almanzo Wilder
Beast (to my Belle)
Charlie Chaplain (he'll get this reference)
Ron Weasley
Will Heelis
Captain Wentworth
Atticus Finch
Christopher Foyle

I know there are more I could put on this list, but it'll do for a start.


Dana said...

Thanks, Babe! I'm very blessed!
P.S. Who is Will Heelis?

Beth said...

Hee! :) I was wondering if you'd ask that. He's the man Beatrix Potter actually ended up marrying. He gets short shrift in the Miss Potter film (which focuses on her first love, Norman Warne) but he gets delightful character development in the Cottage Tales series I've been reading. The author is basing those books on a lot of historical research into Beatrix Potter's life, so I've been happy to see how much I admire Will -- a very good man.

All of these characters are good men, in different ways. I think in each one of them I see some character trait that reminds me of you -- only you combine the traits in your own unique way, and add some that are especially your own. I love you, sweetie!

Erin said...

Awww... Now this I just love! :D Hooray for true love, both literary and real. Hooray especially for you two! :)

Beth said...

Thanks, Erin. :)