Monday, April 16, 2012

He Didn't Have to Make Asparagus

The exhausting spring continues. I won't bore you with the details of the exhaustion and stress, but they are very real, and I am very tired. But I am also hanging on and finding new ways to count blessings and gifts every day...

Today's little blessing that made me realize anew the goodness of God? Fresh asparagus.

I'm not joking. This was just a flat-out crazy-busy day with so much stress (it's also going to be a late working night) and though I ate a little bit throughout the day, I hadn't really eaten much. When it was time to make dinner, I was poking half-heartedly through the fridge and then remembered I'd bought a bunch of fresh asparagus on a big sale at the market. That perked me up. I trimmed, steamed, and sauteed it in a little butter and garlic. And it was sooooo good.

And it dawned on me, with great seriousness, that God did not have to make asparagus. Or butter. Or garlic. The variety and richness of his gifts, even seemingly small and ordinary ones, is astonishing.

It's funny but not surprising that it was something green that turned my heart Godward. It often is.


Erin said...

Ah, green... Definitely something special about that color! :) And you've got me wanting asparagus now too. ;)

This post reminds me of the song in R-B's Return of the King about appreciating the simple things: "What I can't do without are the small things that life is all about." A great way to find gratitude in the midst of stress!

Beth said...

I hope you get some asparagus soon. ;-) And asparagus moments, as I think I will tend to think of them from now on!