Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How Quietly the Morning Dawns (A Christmas Hymn)

For my annual advent poem this year, I decided to write a Christmas hymn. A blessed, happy, holy Christmas to you and all you love!

How quietly the morning dawns! Gold streams across the sky,
And in the stable Mary sleeps, her baby sleeps nearby.
And Joseph drowses by the door to guard his family dear,
While echoes of angelic song remind them Love’s drawn near.

How quickly did the Light arrive in the middle of the night,
How bright and beautiful the Babe who’s come to give us sight.
We wandered in the cold and dark, all alone and so afraid,
But now we marvel at this child; he’s just as God had said.

The promise spoke by prophets bold in days so long ago,
Kept alive for all these years is now fulfilled in Mary’s son.
We’ve wept and waited, watched and prayed, to see his strength and might;
Now in the still and wakening day, we’re given brand new sight.

Our understanding dawns like gold, like sun across a cloud,
To the weak and poor he humbly came and not unto the proud.
This tiny baby wrapped in rags and slumbering in the morn
Has changed us all and all the world. Rejoice that He is born!

~EMP, Advent 2013

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