Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Tree Full of Angels

Something made me open up Macrina Wiederkehr's A Tree Full of Angels earlier today.  Her prayerful insights seemed like balm to my tired heart today.

I've read bits of this book before, but not for a long time, and so I decided to begin at the beginning. In just a few pages, she has already reminded me of several things:

  • that we need to open our eyes to unwrap the gifts of the ordinary (xiv)
  • that "Glory comes streaming from the table of daily life" (xiv)
  • to remember to ask the important question: "Am I too busy with my own agenda to let God's agenda bless me?" (xiv)
  • that reading the saints can sometimes speak to the ache in our hearts (xv)
  • that we are "poor storm-tossed creatures, yet precious stones" (2)
  • that we are creatures of both "littleness and greatness...frailty and...splendor...poverty and...wealth" (2)
  • that home is the place where our name "becomes precious" (2)
  • that the "hearts of friends" can become home places for us (4)
  • that "the Church is that home into which I have been initiated, in which I have been anointed, healed, forgiven, nourished, and nurtured" (4)
  • that the Church is broken home because you and I are broken, and we make up the church: "we have to accept both the burden and the grace of being Church" (5) 
 So thankful to have picked up this book today.

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