Thursday, December 25, 2014

Advent Conjugation

A very merry Christmas! I thought I would share my annual advent poem here as one more way of celebrating today. Blessings to all!

Advent Conjugation

He came.
It was a journey
long and far.
  The One
who made the light
and every star
stepped into darkness
that we might see
his shining glory here.
He wrapped himself
  in flesh
that we might behold
the face of God
and hold his gentle
love within our hands.
He made himself
  so small
we could embrace
eternity in swaddling bands.

He comes
  each day.
He understands
our longest journeys.
The baby refugee
whose parents fled,
the man who had
no place to lay his head,
he knows the way
  we wander,
the borders we cross,
and all the places
where we hide
when we’re afraid
  and lost.
The courage he sends
through the strength
of his name gives light .
when we’re down
to the barest of flame.

He will come
  once more.
The long journey
will be made again
and all our stories
brought to their
  rightful end
in the love story
begun before
the world began.
Both joy and fears
enfolded in his grace
and every step
of every weary race
We will be whole.
He promises
to make it so.

And this is the
advent conjugation
that’s true for every
tongue and tribe
 and nation –
that we can trust
  the One
  who came,
  who comes,
  who will come
  once again,
to lead us into
joyous life
that never ends.

            ~EMP, Advent 2014

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