Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tired But Blessed

Tired I am (says this mom in Yoda-speak). It's been an incredibly busy month filled with more work than I've been able to handle well, though I've given it a good try, and plenty of other stresses too. And yet today....

  • I am super grateful for the fact that spring is almost here! Despite today's 40 degree temperature that felt colder in the wind, we are really and truly out of single digit temperatures. The sunshine is strengthening, the days are lengthening, there's a mess of purple crocuses blooming down the road, and I've seen two robins this week.

  • I am deeply blessed to have mailed two cards today: one for my parents' 61st wedding anniversary (this Friday) and the other for my mom's 83 birthday (Saturday). 

  • And I am thankful for the gifts and blessings of the Lenten season.


Erin said...

We've had sunshine streaming through the window all afternoon. Definitely a heartening sight! :)

A very happy birthday and anniversary to your mom and your parents. Interesting that your mom and your husband both married so close to their birthdays! ;)

Sending you strengthening hugs for the rest of the week!

Beth said...

Yay for strengthening hugs! Even when I don't find them until later. :)