Sunday, August 30, 2015

Eve of Eighth Grade

I've had at least three potential posts percolating in my mind this week, but I can't ever seem to let a new school year start without marking it in some way on the blog. It's funny to realize that I have actually been posting on this blog for so many years that our homeschooling journey hadn't even started when I began!

And yet, here we are on the eve of our ninth year of the learning journey together: 8th grade. Ready or not, here we come!

I think I (mostly) feel ready, though I'm not sure how ready the sweet girl feels. She's had a very good summer in many ways and is reluctant to let go of it. I am hoping that some of our new learning ventures will spark her curiosity and her love of learning -- still there, I know -- and that will help to propel us forward.

Here are a few of the things we're using in the journey this year...for fun, I am mixing up the tangibles and intangibles. (And yes, this is just a small taste of our resources.)

  • Lots of love and prayer!
  • Patience and gentleness!
  • Seeds Family Worship Scripture CDs
  • Dad taking the lead in history! (Mom doing overviews, literature and church history tie-ins)
  • Horizons Algebra 1
  • A new location for the sweet girl's desk (in our living room, in what she calls "the thinker's corner")
  • High speed internet (coming soon! The installation got delayed a week)
  • Forgiveness
  • Laughter
  • Middle School Physics (and a whole bunch of other great physics resources)
  • Word Up! Latin and Greek root words on DVD
  • Chocolate 
  • More drawing and poetry time (I hope)
  • Second year Spanish
  • Some international cooking
  • Philosophy for Kids 
  • Seventh and final year of Writing With Ease/Writing With Skill Program
  • Hugs
  • Youth group 
  • Family read-alouds
  • Ticonderoga pencils
  • Irish Dance class (out of the beginners! Onto to Group A!)
  • New whiteboard markers and new whiteboard
  • Old whiteboard turned into place for verses and encouraging/inspirational quotes
  • Loving help and support from so many friends and family members
  • First day of school muffins (could we start the year without them?) 
  • Perspectacles (eyes fixed on Jesus!)
  • Lots of love and prayer! (just to bring it full circle) 

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