Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Ten Minute Tuesday (#1)

As I wrote yesterday, each Tuesday I'm going to post a creative writing prompt of some sort here. My plan is to use it as a springboard for ten minutes of writing each week. I hope you will feel free to use it too!

This first prompt is a picture I recently found on the Guardian's best photographs of the day site. It was taken as new year's day dawned in Jiangxi Province in China. I found it breathtaking. You can link to the entire day's worth of pictures here. Photo credit: Hu Guolin/Xinhua Press/Corbis.

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Beth said...

My ten minute writing (which ended up more like twenty):

Break softly, morning,
and shine on the world
with gentle tones.
How good it is that nothing
stands alone: companion trees
nod across the bridge
and sway in time
with mirror trees in water below;
thin clouds drift like islands
conversing in the sea of sky;
and even the round gate
that looks like
a single eye
has a sister in the gold
and shimmering sun.
The day
has just begun
and already we are
sweetly aware
of all the ways
we are woven together.
~Elisabeth M. Priest
1/6/16 (Feast of the Epiphany)