Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Closer I Cling to My King (Original Poem)

Yesterday was an exhausting day. I didn't feel well (dealing with headaches still, as well as issues with my neuropathy) and my daughter was sick with a terrible cold and sore throat and fever.  It was just an overwhelming day on all sides, which left me feeling beat up and discouraged.

As I've been sorting through piles of papers and books, I've been gathering up many of my old journals. I even finally found the journal I was writing in this past spring when I was going through chemo. One of the entries I re-read from late April, just a week or so after my last chemo treatment, included some reflections I wrote about trying to stay steady in my heart and in touch with joy when I was so exhausted and ill. It was good for me to read those words yesterday when I was dealing with exhaustion again. It's so hard to deal with illness that hangs on for so long. And one of the lines which particularly caught my attention was "that is what I am holding onto in my heart right now -- that the closer I cling to my King, the more I remember I am his daughter and the less I will fall into despair."

The "closer I cling to my King" line kept playing through my mind. And this is the little poem that came together this morning.

The closer I cling
to my King,
the more songs
he gives me to sing.
With my heart I am
able to bring
all the pain that I
feel I can fling
at his feet. Now
his love forms a ring
round my sapling
hope, and gives
my lame prayers wing.
The closer I cling
to my King,
the more songs
he gives me to sing.

(EMP, 9/29/16)


Free Range Anglican said...

Oh so S was getting the Aquinas Plague when I saw her. I still haven't gotten it, but I hope she's well soon!

Lovely poem, my lovely friend. <3

Beth said...

She did indeed get it! Had a miserable day yesterday -- sore throat was bad, ears were clogged, and she ran a fever. She's some better today but still enough "off" that she's not making it to dance class.

Glad you enjoyed the poem. It feels little but hopeful, and I had fun with the rhymes. :)