Saturday, October 15, 2016

Word Collections

Going through so many old papers and journals lately has me finding old word collections. It is so much fun! Here is a word list I pulled together on scrap paper seventeen years ago! So delightful to find it. Apparently I never did a poem based on this list. Maybe all these years later I still can...or someone else can! Enjoy!

merely, potential, strictly, sleek, pickup truck, snow season, asserts, negotiate, chicken coop, shrubs, retirement, heavy-duty, desire, grandfather clocks, discover, balled blue spruce, porch gliders, carved, granite angels, neighbors, magnifying glass, watercolor, encouraging, coffee tables, drizzling, vast, whisk, China, wine rack, swan, glancing, coincide, wand, panhandle, dream, determined, cotton-farming, outpost, extravagant, ice, glass, gazebo, crystallized, yellow galoshes, graceful, hot chocolate, clambered, toddling, handpicked, hilarious, fairy, morning, bottle caps, grape jelly, dash, flicker, crisp, never, seduce, luxurious, realm, chenille, rival, coast, folks, peace, Noel, weathered, green, sentiments, roundup, avalanche, balsam, cedar, ribbon, nostalgic, treasured, feather, goose, cornucopia, prelude, fireworks, potluck, snow globes, train sets, amaryllis, sugar cookies, rusty moose, menorah, pralines, barnyard, sugared, ark, priceless, whimsical, angels, mantels, merry, bubbles, glow, vintage, pillar

If it's fun to know, apparently I pulled these words from a 1999 December issue of a country magazine (I think it was called Country Home). I used to love to pull word pools from magazines.

Hmm...maybe I will play with this sometime. I often love to dive into collections by thinking through how words sound, which ones go together, which words inspire me and make me play. If anyone has fun with this list, let me know!

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