Monday, September 25, 2006

It's a Small (Blog) World, After All...

Hmm. Jim Wallis, over at Sojourners, has started a new blog. It's called God's Politics (named after his recent book by that same title). Sojourners, of course, tries to engage in political discussion from what I think one could term "progressive evangelicalism" or "evangelicals on the left." And while I may not always agree one hundred percent with their perspectives, I always find the perspectives of Wallis and company thoughtful, thought-provoking and worthwhile. Link, if interested:

One of the intriguing things on "God's Politics" right now is an on-going conversation Jim Wallis has been having with Ralph Reed. I confess I've been too busy to read their full exchange, but I have enjoyed skimming it. Today, for some reason, I decided to click on the comments section attached to Reed's latest. I don't know why I did this -- comment boxes on political and religious blogs often worry and frustrate me far more than the articles posted, because lots of folks "take the gloves" off and forget how to be charitable when "conversing" via comments. Still, once in a while you can find something worthwhile and refreshing in the comments.

Let me just say this: I never thought I'd hear Ralph Reed quote Robert Kennedy (which he did in the final paragraph of his article!). Then again, I never thought I'd hear anyone quote folk singer Dar Williams to Ralph Reed, as happened in the comments. Hee!

The blog world certainly is an interesting one!

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