Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What Kind of Weather Are You?

I spent late afternoon saying good-byes, then singing and dancing in the rain with my daughter. Then listening to a new Art Garfunkel CD (well, new to me) that I picked up at the library sale on Saturday, and realizing how much I liked the song "What I Love About Rain." And tonight I took this weather quiz. Why am I not surprised by the results?

You Are Rain

You can be warm and sexy. Or cold and unwelcoming.
Either way, you slowly bring out the beauty around you.

You are best known for: your touch

Your dominant state: changing

I DO love rain; it's always been my favorite weather. Still I wonder if the quiz results might have come out differently if this had been a different kind of day...


Erin said...

Aha! New Art Garfunkel CD - always a good thing! (And he has a brand new one coming out any month now...) It's been a while since I listened to EWTBN. Time to pull it out again... What do you think of "The Kid"? I'm crazy about that song. It's probably my favorite at the moment, though I can't decide if I prefer Art's version or Peter Paul and Mary's. Both are great!

As to the quiz, I came out as lightning, which doesn't seem right at all... I'm pathologically afraid of lightning! But then there were only five questions, so I don't put too much stock in it...

Beth said...

Yah, pretty silly quiz... but I was having such a rainy day, I had to take it!

I'm still getting to know EWTBN so will have to let you know. I've only had a chance to listen to it once or twice. Sarah says she "likes this music" so that's a good indication that it will get some serious airplay too. :-) I was really happy to find this (well, Dana found it actually) in a bin at the library sale for $1!

Hmm...lightning. Perhaps there is a secret side to your personality that even you don't realize yet! Or perhaps you've just been reading a lot of Harry Potter!