Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Teach Us to Number Our Days...

Did you know...

-- that January has seven letters, but December has eight?
-- that both January and December have 31 days in them?
-- that today is January 3rd, so that means we have 28 days left before the beginning of February? (And 28 days equals four weeks.)
-- that the first day of spring is March 20?

Well, you probably did know all those things, though I doubt you've spent a lot of time thinking and talking about them lately. But these are the kinds of questions and reflections on the sweet girl's mind these days as we've hung up our new calendar and continued to spell out the month, day, year and day of the week with refrigerator magnets each morning.

Once again we let S. choose the calendar for the kitchen wall. That's been a tradition since she was two. For two years running, she picked a dog calendar, and last year it was all chocolate labs all the time! So I was delighted when she chose owls this year (delighted though not surprised, given her ongoing fascination with them) especially because each month features a different species. January's owl is the great gray owl, and the photograph is stunning -- the beautiful, somber-faced bird with his huge wingspan swooping over a snowy field, the blue shadow of his wings trailing along behind, as massive and beautiful as he is himself.

We're numbering our days...which should help us gain hearts of wisdom. And owls make great mascots for wisdom-seekers!


Erin said...

...not to mention the ideal creature to have on your wall during the year that a certain book *had* *better* *be* *coming* *out*! ;)

Beth said...

Ah yes! Too true. ;-) Of course, the snowy owl page doesn't come until December. She wouldn't wait till then to bring out the book, would she? Would she?

(Perhaps we should begin an HP Anonymous group...) ;-)

Erin said...

She wouldn't! (I hope!) Hehe, yes, I could certainly be a candidate for such a group... Though I don't think I want to recover! ;)

Beth said...

Well, I've been hearing rumors that the seventh book (I still can't quite make myself say "Deathly Hallows" but I'm working on it) will likely come out on July 31, 2007. It's both HP's and JKR's birthday. I really wonder if it could be true though, especially given how close that would be to the release date for the fifth movie.

We can hope, however...!