Sunday, July 01, 2007

Laying Down Burdens

Last week, though it had some wonderful moments, particularly the sweet girl's birthday, was also (for various reasons I won't go into here) incredibly tiring and stressful. I'm feeling pretty exhausted as we turn the corner into a new week and a new month, but hopeful that the load will get lightened in new ways during July.

And I'm feeling blessed because the Lord has been encouraging me to "lay down my burdens" at his feet. Those are the words I keep hearing in my heart. I actually woke up with the words "lay them down" on my mind...those words were my first conscious thought this morning. Then at church, following our opening time of singing and worship, I felt the words whispered again into my heart. Only clearer this time, and even more explicitly: "Lay your burdens down. Lay them down. You are not meant to carry them, for I have borne them already. Lay them down at my feet, and while you are laying them down, stay there and worship."

As I strive to remember the words I felt so deeply, that's how they come. And I am thankful, beyond words, to have received those words right now.


Erin said...

How wonderful to feel the conviction of that insight when it's most needed. I hope it's the beginning of a wonderful week, and rest of the summer!

Beth said...

Thanks, Erin! Receiving that word really did bring me some measure of peace. I felt stressed beyond anything I'd felt in a long time last week, and I know that's not the place where my heart should be right now.

I already feel much more centered as this week gets underway. And it helps that I'm taking some time to do some reading, writing, thinking, blogging, praying...