Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I think we've got a new word for "very loved" at our house. The sweet girl coined it yesterday. It's "neck-skinny."

She's been playing a lot lately with some stuffed dog toys, including one we found last year at a church sale with some other used stuffed toys. It's an adorable dog, light brown with a red collar and floppy ears. Its fur is slightly worn in that loved way only an old stuffed animal can be. And its neck, underneath the red collar, is extra floppy -- mostly because it looks as though he once spent a lot of time getting his neck squeezed.

The sweet girl hugged him fondly yesterday. "He's all neck-skinny," she told me. "You know, really loved so really squeezed hard around the neck."


Erin said...

Wonderful. It probably won't surprise you too much to learn that I have a neck-skinny teddy bear in permanent position on my bed...

Free Range Anglican said...

Oh yeah, neckskinny, like N's "Dogdoggie." Or just plain flat, like Isaac's old teddy bear that he used to sleep on top of. No matter how I try I can't seem to fluff him back out.