Monday, March 18, 2013

Praise Break

There are days when almost nothing on my to-do list seems to get done, and yet I look back and say "That was a rich learning day. Thank you, God."

Today has been one of those, and I am feeling tremendously grateful that sometimes, I have just enough wisdom to get out of my own way, scrap my agenda, and let the Lord do what he wants to do in me. 

This praise break brought to you by the heart of a humble, grateful woman.


Anne Higgins said...

Thanks for this - I so agree! After a big scare with eye surgeries ten years ago, I thank God frequently that I still can see, and still can read.
I have your blog noted on the "Book Blogs" list on my blog; I visit it, not as frequently as I should, but I do appreciate your blog.
I too am a C.S.Lewis fan.

Best wishes from Anne

Beth said...

Wonderful to count our blessings!

Anne, thanks so much for visiting! I don't write here nearly as much I would like to these days (a busy season) but I am hoping to begin posting more reflections soon. I hope you will come back often.

And it's always wonderful to meet another Lewis fan!