Thursday, April 04, 2013

Celebrating Poetry Month: With Sijo and Science

The sweet girl and I enjoyed reading Linda Sue Park’s Tap Dancing on the Roof this week. It’s a collection of sijo, a Korean form of poetry that follows a certain syllabic (or stress) pattern in English. The easiest forms of it are either a three line poem with each line running 14-16 syllables, or a 6 line poem with each line running 7-8 syllables, though other variations are possible.

Topics can vary, with the introduction of a given topic in line one, further description in line two, and a surprising twist in line three.

Every since reading the book, I can’t seem to stop thinking in sijo form. It lends itself to fun musings.

Given our school science experiment today – we dissected an owl pellet – I couldn’t resist trying my hand at a sijo musing on that very subject…

The soft brown fluff of owl pellet disguises a digested feast:
each tiny bone, claw, beak, a new piece in this predator puzzle.
I’m sure the prey was puzzled too when it heard the soft whoosh of wings.
                                                                                                (EMP, 4/4/13)

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