Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Old Questions

While cleaning (or rather excavating) her room yesterday, the sweet girl came upon an old post-it note. About seven years old, I think, judging from what it had jotted on it...some questions she had asked me when she was about four or possibly five years old.

I had forgotten that I used to write her questions down. It's a great practice, and it was fun for both of us to see these, to remember a time when these were the burning questions on her mind, the things she was most curious about.

*Why do we eat with our mouths?

*Why is there no 13 o'clock? Why do we go round twice? (Meaning why does the clock go around twice in two segments of 12 hours each, rather than just counting up to 24...I remember when she asked that!)

*Why does the moon sometimes come up in the daytime?

That last one especially made her grin, since she's become something of a moon phase scholar in the past year.

Seeing these made me feel nostalgic, not just for the days of such innocent questions, but for the days when I felt at least semi-capable of answering what she asked.

The questions coming at us so quickly these days are more challenging. I know every season is good, every part of growing up a blessing -- so I don't really want to rewind or fast-forward (though fast-forward has felt like a temptation lately)! But every once in a while, it's definitely fun to revisit times gone by.

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