Tuesday, June 13, 2006

...And the Passion (and Compassion) of Youth

I have to say how impressed and moved I was by our church's youth group this past weekend. The youth pastor who happens to be my DH (dear husband) coordinated events for a 30-Hour famine. 14 kids and 6 leaders fasted for 30 hours and did service projects in the community to raise funds for World Vision to help hungry children around the world. They also did some service projects in the church as volunteers, most notably some heavy-duty cleaning on the third floor.

The memory I will carry with me was a young woman we've really grown to admire, K.A., standing on the side of the road on Friday afternoon, holding her donation can and calling out to passing cars. The kids did a concert in the gazebo park in the center of town (inviting their friends in bands to play; our church band also did a set). They also sold baked goods and did face painting (Boop got another butterfly on her cheek...I got a flower!). They all worked hard, but I was really struck by the energy and passion of K.A. She kept crying out "a dollar a day feeds a hungry child!" and there was no false guilt-tripping or salesmanship about it...she was not shouting out an empty slogan. She just genuinely implored people from her heart, spoke the truth. These kids felt such passion about what they were doing, a real desire to find some way to meet needs in a broken and hungry world. How good of God to answer those desires by helping them to raise so much. For such a small group, they did an amazing job, and because of World Vision's matching grants, food will be provided to 16 hungry children for a whole year.

That's passion and compassion in action!


Erin said...

Glad the Famine was such a success!! :)

Beth said...

Thanks! I think we're still recovering...but it was well worth all the effort involved. And the kids were great.