Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Booper Girl Tells A Story

We're still recovering from the Booper's fourth birthday this past Tuesday. Yes, my sweet girl is four! So hard to believe, but the evidence is in front of my eyes each day. She is growing and changing so much all the time.

The presents have retained their novelty even after forty-eight hours, but of course almost better than any of the lovely gifts from family and friends are the leftover balloons from the party. At the moment my kitchen floor is covered in about a dozen balloons of various colors and various stages of deflation. She spent part of the early afternoon kicking them, throwing them, and just in general batting them around...all the while chatting about what she was doing.

In fact, she informed me that she wanted to make up a story about playing with the balloons. So of course I encouraged her to go ahead and even said I would write it down as she told it, a suggestion she greeted with great enthusiasm. So without further ado, I present to you "BALLOONS," a story dictated to me by my beautiful four year old daughter. Frankly, I think she's got a great story-telling rhythm. And I'm not biased. Not at all. Really. (Smile.)

One day the balloons bounced so high and she caught one! She caught the balloons and threw them right up in the air! One day a red balloon floated so high and she caught it, and she missed it and she tried to catch it but she didn't catch it because it landed so fast on the floor. One day she threw a pink balloon so high and they bounced so high. One day she had lots and lots of balloons and she tried to catch it but of course she couldn't catch it. It was so big and so fat.


Erin said...

Awwww, that's great! Sarah the storyteller! :D As for balloons, we have a couple drooping in our kitchen, but I think we're actually going to try refilling them as they are of the uber-fancy mylar variety and might come in handy for Nathan's grad party next week. Nathan's buddy is a costumed character at Old Country Buffet, and he came over last night with a bouncy balloon in tow, much to the delight of the 16-month-old we were babysitting. Three cheers for balloons! And for the stories of four-year-olds. We have one somewhere that Nathan wrote in kindergarten using Pooh stickers, and I wrote the translation on the back since his writing was only semi-intelligible at that point... :-P

Beth said...

What a keepsake, your collaboration with Nathan from his kindergarten years, I mean... though perhaps the mylar balloon will be a keepsake too. :-) Sarah certainly loves balloons. We're keeping the leftovers from her party in a big trash bag behind the couch, for now, and she's been getting them all out about once a day so she can bat them around. Even putting them away is fun!