Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I am officially old...

My 20th high school reunion was held last weekend. No, I didn't go -- I would have had to travel too far, and the cost of the various events was quite high. Added to the fact that I wasn't terribly happy in high school, and the few friends I had and would have liked to see again didn't seem to appear on the rsvp list.

I've been keeping up with the reunion news once in a while via a class blog that the reunion organizers set up. And just a little while ago, I accessed an online photo album of pictures of the weekend. Basically it was photo after photo of a huge room crowded with middle-aged people I didn't recognize. No kidding. Yikes.

Sigh. It's just been that kind of day. Among other things, I discovered that a stranger somehow got hold of one of our credit card numbers and charged almost $200 worth of merchandise to it -- from some overseas company I'd never heard of. The really odd thing is that the merchandise was shipped to us. You think if someone was going out of their way to fraudently use your c. card, they would at least ship the stuff to themselves.

I didn't feel quite as angry and violated as I did when our car got stolen a decade or more ago near Philadelphia, but it certainly does leave one feeling vulnerable. I lodged an official dispute of the charge with my c. card company, and tomorrow I think I need to call the Better Business Bureau about the company that sent the shipment.

Yep. Definitely tired tonight. A little discouraged. And feeling old.

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