Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The stories of the students and teachers shot at Virginia Tech. yesterday rend the heart. What words make sense in light of something like this?

I have been a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a student, a teacher; all of us know what it means to be those things (or others like them) and to love the others bound to our hearts who make those roles real. So we all mourn together.

Though the green fields are my delight,
elegy is my fate. I have come to be
survivor of many and of much
that I love, that I won't live to see
come again into this world.

Things that mattered to me once
won't matter any more,
for I have left the safe shore
where magnificence of art
could suffice my heart.

(From "Requiem" by Wendell Berry)


Erin said...

It's such a tragic thing... And scary, too, when you think about how open colleges are. I really hope nobody else gets any ideas. I wish they'd stop making such a big deal about how this is the biggest shooting ever; seems there are probably a handful of people out there who could take that as a challenge...

Beth said...

I know what you mean. I've been catching up on news stories for the past few minutes, and just read something (from the AP, I think) about how three other colleges and universities shut down because of threats or rumors of threats. I think it was only valid in one case, but that's scary enough -- and the person doing the threatening cited yesterday.

This must hit home with you in a very real way since your Dad works on a college campus, and you've got a brother in college too...

Erin said...

Aye, that it does...