Monday, April 23, 2007

Wanted: Something Resembling a Wedding Cake

D. and I were married fifteen years ago this Wednesday! This is the first year the sweet girl really has some sense of what it means to celebrate a wedding anniversary (she's catching on that it's kind of like an extra birthday for Mommy and Daddy!) and she has determined that we should have cake and ice cream. She has even agreed to contribute her small pack of penguin party plates to the occasion -- she and her Daddy found some the other day when they were in a party store looking for some supplies for a church event, and she wanted to save them for something special.

She wants vanilla ice cream, of course (her favorite) but has been rather adamant that her Daddy and I should have a wedding cake. I am guessing she's a bit enamored of the photo of our wedding cake; it's part of a collage of framed wedding pictures that we keep on the wall in between our dining room and the kitchen.

I don't really think at this late date we can order even a small cake decorated like a wedding cake (which is what we've been contemplating) but I find myself wishing a bit wistfully we lived somewhere near the bakery that made our actual wedding cake. Yes, that's our wedding cake in the photo. I'm sorry I couldn't color correct it a bit better, as it wasn't quite as golden looking as it appears. But it was delicious. Neither D. nor I is much of a cake eater, but even we agreed that this was by far the tastiest wedding cake we'd ever eaten. We found a little bakery in Berwyn, Pennsylvania and every cake sample we tried we loved. We ended up getting a melt-in-your-mouth spice cake with a buttercream frosting. Absolutely wonderful.

I remember we tried to save the top layer for our first anniversary, but the box wasn't sealed properly and the cake got freezer burned. We still lived near Philadelphia at the time, thus weren't too far from the bakery. We took in a picture and they gladly recreated a small version of the top layer of our cake from the year before, which we enjoyed on a bed and breakfast get-away.

Well...we probably won't go to such lengths this year, fifteen years and hundreds of miles away from the creation of the original cake. But I do think we will probably look for something at least a little wedding-cake-ish to enjoy that evening, to satisfy the budding romantic traditionalist that is our little girl.

Oh, okay. I'm a romantic traditionalist myself. She has to get it somewhere, right?!

And yes, that really is Mickey and Minnie on top of our cake.


Erin said...

Awww, what a great cake! :D Hope you can find something suitably romantic and tasty for your celebration! Many congratulations on 15 years!! :D

Beth said...

Thanks! We're actually having our anniversary "date" in the morning -- we've both been too exhausted for late evening outings lately. But we'll definitely do some kind of cake in the evening with S.!