Friday, September 14, 2007

Editors and Family Talk About Madeleine

I may just keep posting favorite tributes for a while, as I keep finding more. I just got Publisher's Weekly in my inbox, and loved reading these memories and anecdotes from some of Madeleine's editors and from her beloved granddaughter Charlotte.

I was sad to find, via Charlotte's reflections, that her grandmother didn't like Jane Austen! Hmm...Madeleine didn't like either Austen or Rowling (though I think had she persevered with Harry, she might have changed her mind...there was lots more "under the surface" there than she realized after reading the first book).

Well, as Madeleine herself said, "different strokes for different folks." Grin.


Erin said...

Really interesting to read those remembrances by people who knew her so well. Crosswicks sounds like a pretty neat place, doesn't it? I like the image of her running her competitors ragged at ping-pong...

Beth said...

I loved the ping-pong story!

And I always wanted to see Crosswicks. I was living with my sister in CT when I turned 21, and for my birthday, we drove out into "Madeleine country." Never did find Crosswicks, but found other landmarks we knew from her stories/journals, and got stuck in the mud outside of the general store that she and Hugh used to run when their kids were little! :)