Monday, September 03, 2007

My Favorite Question This Morning

I love the sweet girl's questions. Her fascination with history is especially fun.

This morning we talked about different periods of time in history, and times when certain things had been invented. She was completely fascinated to think of a world without computers. I told her that her grandparents had not grown up with computers and that even her Daddy and I had not really grown up with them, that we'd learned to use them when we were young adults. I explained that people didn't have computers in their homes much until the 1980s. She looked utterly intrigued if not a bit baffled, and then asked:

"But before they invented computers, what did people do when they needed to do something on the computer?"


Erin said...

Love it! And it reminds me of that old AOL commercial, which was on several years before I started using the Internet regularly. A guy is trying to sell his buddy on getting AOL, and he responds, "What do I need America On-Line for? I have a computer!" That always made my dad chuckle; what use would AOL be without a computer?

Beth said...

Yep! Great commerical. :-) It really was something to see S's total lack of comprehension of a computer-less world. Makes me feel old!