Monday, July 17, 2006

Feeding My Green Hunger: Wyeth's Island Roses

I frequent a wonderful blog called Wittingshire, which can be found at (Sorry, I can't seem to get html to cooperate tonight so that I can turn this into a workable link. Argh.) What I love about this blog is that the writers (a husband and wife team) share so much beauty both in what they write and in the photographs they post. Most of the photos are original to them, and I've loved many of them, but this time around they posted a thumbnail of a painting called "Island Roses" by Jamie Wyeth.

And I'm love with this painting. I love good art, but rarely do I find myself falling for a painting on first sight the way I did with this one. I've tried to find the best link I can to a good online copy of it (I'm not sure about copyright issues in terms of actually posting a copy of the print itself; the Wittingshire blog is a lot more tech savvy than my little corner here!). Anyway, check this link out -- if you'd like to feed your hunger for beauty and for green.

I've had acute green hunger for years. I'm not really a city girl at heart, but the Lord has, in his mysterious ways, seen fit to place me in a small city with a very industrial/urban landscape for almost nine years. And due to other circumstances in our lives, we've had very little time and space to go seeking the green I so often long for and feel I need. As a result, what I term landscapes of my heart have become very important to me. Some are real landscapes I've known, and now inhabit mostly in memory; some are visual and others are fictional. As soon as I saw this painting, I knew I'd found another one. I'd love to just walk inside it.


Erin said...

Ooh, that's lovely. And I definitely relate to being more of a rural girl at heart. Incidentally, we have a reproduction of one of his father's paintings, "Master Bedroom", hanging in our bathroom: We got it because the dog looks so much like my first dog, Sandy. As I recall, we bought it shortly before she died. It's one of my favorite paintings. I also really like "Christina's World" - . Three cheers for Wyeths!

Beth said...

The Wyeths are wonderful! I used to live near Wyeth country (Brandywine river valley) and I really regret that Dana and I never got the museum there. I look back on how relatively uncluttered and stress free our lives were then (we didn't have to find babysitters, for instance) and I think "why didn't we do more things like that?" :-) Ah well. I'm grateful for all that's been added to our lives since (especially our little one!) even if it means fewer trips to museums!