Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tales from the Land of Language Acquisition

One of the most enjoyable aspects of parenting these days comes in hearing what my four year old does with language. She plays with it, relishes it, tries out interesting attempts at sentence structures, and sometimes uses words quite brilliantly...even when she's not entirely sure what they mean.

A case in point was last night. She was getting out of the bathtub, and as happens frequently, she suddenly noticed that her hands had gotten wrinkled. This always alarms her slightly, and she usually needs reassurance that the wrinkles aren't permanent.

Last night she said, in a somewhat anxious voice: "Your hands will be all smooth again. The wrinkles will be all gone in the morning."

To which I replied in my best confident-cheerful-mom-voice: "Oh the wrinkles will probably be gone long before then. Probably your hands will be all smooth again in just a few minutes."

But she persisted. "They'll DEFINITELY be gone by morning," she said.

"Yes," I affirmed.

A pause.

"What does definitely mean?" she asked.

Amazing what one can do with context, even when you're not really sure of a definition!


Erin said...

She's *definitely* already amassing a large vocabulary! :D

I was impressed / amused yesterday because I went to the mall with my friend Libbie and Gianna, her 5-year-old neice, and we saw a picture of a man kissing a rather scantily-clad woman. Gianna gave it a disapproving stare and declared, "That's inappropriate!" :-P

Beth said...

I love this.
The wit and wisdom of children... it continues to astonish me!