Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Wit and Wisdom of the Man I Married

Once in a while, my DH (that stands for "dear husband" by the way, not "designated hitter" in case all you baseball fans are wondering) says something so wise and humourous that I find myself grinning in delight and rehearsing a prayer of thanks that I married this marvelous man. One of those times was earlier this evening.

We've been busy lately -- basically working four jobs between us and not getting much time together. We had about twenty minutes at the dinner table all together as a family, and then he was rushing out the door to yet another meeting. As I walked him to the door, we happened to be chatting about some of the online articles I've been reading in my attempt to stay up with what's happening in the Anglican communion post General Convention. I was telling him about the 10 questions TIME magazine recently put to the Episcopal Church's presiding bishop elect, Katharine Jefferts-Schori. He asked how she did on the questions and I wrinkled my nose and admitted the answers had been pretty appalling. Especially this answer, which I proceeded to recap for him:

Is belief in Jesus the only way to get to heaven?

We who practice the Christian tradition understand him as our vehicle to the divine. But for us to assume that God could not act in other ways is, I think, to put God in an awfully small box.

I kid you not. The presiding bishop elect of the Episcopal Church in the United States really said this. I think I sounded pretty pained when I told my husband about it. He paused thoughtfully, taking in her answer, and then he lifted his eyebrow, smiled, and said "Well, God put himself in a small box. It was called a manger!"

Can I get an Amen??!

Really. My husband cuts through to the heart of things and he often does it with such warmth and wit. He helps me to keep the big things in perspective, and reminds me to keep majoring in the majors, which on certain days can keep me from despair. Thank you, God, for giving him to me!

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