Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Cheer Up Church"

I've not written here much about the ongoing -- crisis? saga? mess? -- in the Anglican Communion at large, though since this is the church tradition I've been connected to the longest, the place where I made my theological home 12 years ago, I have been grieved and concerned.

In the midst of a challenging and tiring week for me personally, I've been trying to follow some of the news of the meeting of the global primates (archbishops) of the Anglican Communion. They have been meeting in Tanzania to make some decisions that will affect the life of the global church. Not much has formally been said yet (the meetings officially end tomorrow) but according to some of what I've read, some things I had hoped might happen (and that I thought needed to happen) aren't happening. I'm tempted to discouragement. As always, I need to pray and to trust that God is guiding his church -- in us, through us, in spite of us, over us and around us.

Just to keep a bit of perspective (and some humor, which I really need this week!) I thought I'd quote here from the song "Cheer Up Church" by marvelous singer/songwriter Charlie Peacock. This is from his 1999 CD "Kingdom Come."

It's just like God
to make a hero from a sinner
It's just like God
to choose the loser not the winner
It's just like God
to tell a story through the weak
To let the gospel speak
through the life of a man
Who'd be the first to say...
Cheer up church
You're worse off than you think
Cheer up church
You're standing at the brink
Don't despair, do not fear, grace is near

I love the songs on this CD. I may have to quote a few more songs from it here sometime...


Erin said...

God does tend to root for the underdog, doesn't He? That's a comforting thought...

Beth said...

Comforting, indeed! :-) And I'm actually feeling much encouraged about the situation in the Anglican Communion. I have to remind myself to be patient sometimes -- just because things don't seem to be moving at the pace I think they 'should' -- I need to trust that God's doing what he knows is best, and in his best timing!