Monday, February 26, 2007

Hooray! I'm back!

I tried to think of a snazzy name for this post, but couldn't really think of anything beyond a yelp of glee. Our computer is functioning solidly again -- in fact, functioning better than it has in a while. Various people kept telling us we should simply change our browser over to Mozilla Firefox, and lo and behold, after Dana did that evening, everything that hadn't been working suddenly started working again...almost like magic. Hooray!

I will try to do some serious posting soon -- I've really missed writing here for the past few days. For now, two wonderfully fun moments with the sweet girl this afternoon/evening.

One came when we were headed to the living room, after her nap (actually slept) and snack (fresh honeydew...yum) to work on a reading lesson. We've been averaging probably three lessons a week, but with one thing and another hadn't gotten to one for a few days. S. practically danced her way over to the couch and announced with enthusiasm, "Mommy, my TOES are ready for a reading lesson!"

Then at dinner this evening she wanted seconds on bread and butter and as usual, we were working on the polite way to ask. Suddenly she said with great thoughtfulness, "How do you spell May-I-Have-A-Piece-Of-Bread-Please? It's a REALLY long word!"

Thanks to all who prayed for a solution to our computer problems (and for our patience in dealing with them). So glad to be back!


Erin said...

Yay! Welcome back, Beth! :D As it happens, I'm now the one with the Internet woes; our phone line is out since yesterday, and they can't fix it till Saturday. But it doesn't matter much because my grandma just got DSL so I can post from here. 8-)

The Sweet Girl stories, as always, brought a smile to my face. :)

Beth said...

Whew! Between the two of us, we've had a bit of a computer-crazed couple of weeks, yes? I'm glad you can still post from Grandma's! (And that she's home...even better!)

I'm looking forward to getting back to some HP posts...probably next week. My sister's coming in for a visit this weekend, so I will likely not be on the computer much!

Erin said...

Ooh, enjoy your sister's visit! And I'm itching to delve into Harry some more! :)