Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm With Owl

"Owl opened his door very wide. 'Come in, Winter,' said Owl. 'Come in and warm yourself for awhile.' Winter came into the house. It came in very fast. A cold wind pushed Owl against the wall. Winter ran around the room. It blew out the fire in the fireplace. The snow whirled up the stairs and whooshed down the hallway. 'Winter!' cried Owl. 'You are my guest! That is no way to behave!' But Winter did not listen. It made the windowshades flap and shiver." -- From "The Guest" in Owl at Home by Arnold Lobel


Erin said...

That naughty winter, always making a nuisance of itself... Arnold Lobel had such a wonderful way with words. I think I may not have ever read "Owl at Home"; I must investigate this further...

Beth said...

It's a great book! We've been giggling over it all week long. I hope to review it one of these days -- only problem is, I have a major backlog of reviews and no time to write them. Especially since I should be working on an essay I'm trying to submit to an online magazine (and there's a submission deadline coming up in a couple of weeks).

Then there's the house to clean and finances to catch up on, and about fourteen other things...!

But anyway, I highly recommend Owl. Some of these stories are now competing in my affections with Frog and Toad, and that's saying something!

I just love the thought of scolding winter. Sounds like a plan!