Saturday, February 03, 2007

Prairie Love

My keen interest in all things prairie continues...sparked by my recent reading of David Laskin's The Children's Blizzard.

Today's library treasures: from county loan system -- Ted Kooser's The Prairie Voices (poems inspired by stories of the 1888 schoolchildren's blizzard, the same blizzard detailed in Laskin's book). Kooser is Nebraska's premier poet and used to be U.S. poet laureate. I discovered word of this book when I went looking for more information on the schoolchildren's blizzard; it will be the first time I've read any of Kooser's poetry. Also Hattie Big Sky, recent Newbery honor winner. It looks terrific.

And the cherry on my prairie sundae, the totally unexpected gift of finding the Little House on the Prairie DVD on the children's shelves at the library this afternoon. Not the television series but the much more recent film version which I missed when it aired on t.v. a year or two ago. I've heard that's it far more true to Wilder's books, so I'm hopeful.

Stay tuned for more prairie musings!


Erin said...

I remember when that movie was on. It seems to me that we watched it, but maybe I just recall *wanting* to watch it, because I can't remember much about it... I also heard that it was truer to the book. Now I want to watch it too!

Beth said...

I can't remember when it aired... last year? year before? Time seems to go by so fast these days!

Anyway, I'll let you know what I think after I've seen it. :-) I may even review it!

I'm really into *Hattie Big Sky.* Excellent read so far. I can see why it won a Newbery honor!