Friday, October 29, 2010

The Art of the Circular Conversation

A little while ago...

Me: When we got out this afternoon we need to dress warmly. Your dad says it's gotten quite cold.

Sweet Girl: (indignant) COLD! No! You mean it's gotten chilly.

Me: Well, it's in the 40s.

S: (in total I heart winter/native Pittsburgher fashion) I don't consider it cold until it gets down to 30 or below.

Me: (shrugging) OK. So I guess you could say it's gotten very chilly.

S: (heads over to front window and touches palm to glass) BRR-RRR! The glass is freezing!

Me: Well, I told you it's gotten quite chilly.

S: No, it's cold.

Yes!! We have finally perfected the art of the circular conversation at our house.


Erin said...

LOL! Love it! And I seem to recall a conversation or two like that around my house...

Eeyore said...

Oh that's a hoot. I love conversations like that with children. This is one to remember.

Beth said...

Ha! Glad we're not the only household that engages in these. :)

Beth said...

And I meant to say...circularity has its beauties. :-) Laughter is one of them!