Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can Facebook Help You Write a Poem?


The other day I posted, as my status update, that I was wrestling with the week's poetry stretch. Write a poem about the moon. And I asked my Facebook friends this question: "what do you love about the moon?"

I loved the answers. Stories, songs, nursery rhymes, associations with the moonwalk, memories of a grandfather. It got me thinking (one of those delightful side benefits of FB from time to time) about all the different ways we delight in the moon.

So I wrote this.

Multiple Moons

The one outside
the window
is real,
rock hard,
reflecting the sunlight--
sometimes golden hued,
sometimes even
blue or rose,
or pearl in
a silver setting--

though wait,
now I am approaching
the metaphor moon,
the one that peeps
a friendly face
through tattered cloud curtains,
sits cool and serene,
a scoop of vanilla ice cream
in its dark sky bowl,
or grins a lopsided smile
on a young girl
and her silver-haired grandfather--

but hey,
I'm edging now
toward the story moon,
the one that followed Owl home,
the moon that got poked
in the eye by the rocket
that brought the picnickers
who loved cheese,
the revelers who sat
and warbled homesick songs
but then
when they saw the cow
leap right over them,
flying who knows where.

EMP 10-28-10


Erin said...

Love this, Beth! Wonderful poem. I especially love "a scoop of vanilla ice cream / in its dark sky bowl". Great image!

Beth said...

Thanks, Erin! I borrowed most of the images from friends' comments, but the ice cream in a bowl was mine. :-) Maybe it leaps out because it was fresh to me...