Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Words in the Family Lexicon

We love word play! In the past few days, we've come up with two new words for our family's playful lexicon...

Pajameter: device used to measure how many steps you take when you're sleep-walking.

Crockapottamus: hippo who likes to eat food cooked in a slow-cooker.


Erin said...

Ha! Love it! You know, I'm betting that George and Martha could be legitimately considered crockapottomuses (crockapottomi?) who might occasionally benefit from a pajameter. :D

Beth said...

Groan...! I love it! And of course I always laugh when I see the names "George and Martha" together, since those are the names of my oldest siblings.

In fact, it was my sister Martha who just gave me a crock pot for my birthday...leading me to envision crockapottomuses.