Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Detectives

It turned beautifully warm here today -- in the 70s! We're supposed to take another dive into cold (and possibly snow) over the weekend, but how wonderful to walk outdoors in shorter sleeves and light jackets.

The sweet girl and I decided to take a walk and be "spring detectives." I explained to her how that meant we'd be on the lookout for clues and signs of spring.

Here's what we sighted:

--purple crocuses (purple, six petals each, beautiful yellow pollen centers)
--bees (two of them, alighting on the patch of crocuses)
--bird's nests
--old brown oak leaves on the ground
--warm weather!
--buds on the forsythia bushes (still bare)
--buds on the sycamore trees (tiny, pointed and dark red buds)
--a man washing his car
--another man vaccuming the inside of his car
--silver wind chimes on a porch, with a little metal butterfly
--yellow crocuses in the front yard of Miss Shoshana's house (a dear friend who moved away to Australia last year -- their house isn't sold yet)
--a bench that needs repainting
--two girls and their little brother (friends of the sweet girl) coloring with sidewalk chalk

What signs of spring do you see in your neighborhood?


Erin said...

Ah, I heard the weather was gorgeous yesterday! Our weather was quite summery, though when Mom and I went down to the water at one of the beaches, it was freezing. It was sort of a drag to come back to a foggy, rainy, chilly, gray day after all that warm sun in California...

Beth said...

I'll bet! :-) How nice to get some time in sunny California...did you have a good visit?

Sorry you had to come back to a gray, chilly day...we had one of those too, but the day before was oh so lovely. Gives me hope that spring is truly coming!

Actually, I don't mind gray and chill so much (it has its own beauty) but after the long winter we've had, I think I am just way past ready for some warmth and color! :-)

Erin said...

We had a great visit, thanks. It was a quick trip, but we managed to squeeze a lot in. And we got lots of pictures to help us look back on it. We probably won't see Benjamin again until Christmas, so it's really nice that it worked out for us to go see him before he ships out. And San Diego sure is a nice place...

Beth said...

I really like San Diego. We didn't get to spend much time there (we were visiting relatives in the CA desert) but the little I saw made me think it would be one of the few places in CA I could live if I had to. (I'm just generally not a west coast gal!). Loved the zoo too!

You mentioned Benjamin will be "shipping out" -- is he headed for Iraq? I hope not...