Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Snippets of Sense, Bits of Beauty

I came across this quote by Teddy Roosevelt earlier today:

"But life is a great adventure, and the worst of all fears is the fear of living. There are many forms of success, many forms of triumph. But there is no other success that in any shape or way approaches that which is open to most of the many, many men and women who have the right ideals. These are the men and the women who see that it is the intimate and homely things that count most."

The beginning of the quote reminded me of the film Tuck Everlasting which we just watched a few nights ago, and which I reviewed on Epinions yesterday. But the part of the quote that especially grabbed me today was the last part: "it is the intimate and homely things that count most."

I'm not sure what Teddy had in mind when he wrote that, but I was realizing how much I appreciate "intimate and homely things" in my own life, and hearing about those kinds of simple, beautiful moments in the lives of others. I think it's one reason I enjoy reading blogs!

With that in mind, I thought I'd post a link to a marvelous looking little tea company, called Wellspring Tea. I discovered it the other day while blog-hopping. You have to check out their products here, which show a wonderful combination of tea-loving and literature-loving sensibilities. How I would love to try some of these teas, which sound delicious...and have such great names! My favorite tea-names in their catalog (hands-down) are "Anne Shirely's Almond Black," "Caramel for Hobbits," "Mr. Darcy's Ceylon," and "Chocolate for Jo."

I can't think of anything more intimate and homely than drinking a warm cup of tea while curled up with a good book!

To keep the storehouse brimming, from time to time I think I will post small resources here: ideas for simpler living, creative exercises, pieces of art, and yes, "intimate and homely" things like literary teas. I plan to tag them "snippets of sense, bits of beauty."


Erin said...

Ooooh... I'm generally not a tea drinker, but color me intrigued! The hobbit one especially...

I noticed today that our willow has begun to bloom. I was inspired to ferret out some of my more springish stuffed animals and trolls and spread them around the living room. I'm anxious to put up some Easter decorations too, though not so anxious to venture into the attic, by which I've been intimidated ever since my uncle made a new, very heavy-duty pull-down staircase for it. Oh, well, I'm sure I'll get up there soon!

Here's to homeyness!

Beth said...

I didn't know you weren't a tea drinker! Is it coffee then? (Or just Dr. Pepper?) ;-)

Erin said...

No coffee either, actually... Just never quite tickled my taste buds. But I drink a lot of milk. And juice. And definitely Dr Pepper! (And if I could get my hands on it, butterbeer! Though it's getting a little warm out for that now...)

Jenny Wells said...

Thanks for the kudos, great to meet you! I've converted many a coffee drinkers (or at least shown them tea can also compete with the coffee big boys) through Anne Shirley's Almond Black and Caramel for Hobbits. You should definitely try them sometime!

Meet me for tea at three,

Beth said...

Jenny, lovely to meet you too! The blog world is such an interesting one. And I loved looking at your site.

I'm not at a place (alas) where I can splurge on any of those wonderful looking teas. But I'm hoping sometime soon!

So glad you found your way here. Please come back and visit sometime!